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Cheers to Paige & Kyle

Relationships are hard. They take work from both parties to be successful. For Paige and Kyle, it never felt like work. At one point they lived on opposite sides of the United States separated by over 2,000 miles, but there was never a question in their minds that they were meant to be together. When you know, you know and THEY KNEW from the very beginning.

We learned that Paige and Kyle met in Arizona playing kickball near Papago Park. We planned to meet them on the kickball fields a few days before their wedding to learn more about their #lovestory. Knowing they were going to bring their toddler with, we packed a picnic cooler full of gold fish, juice, and a big red monster truck to keep Breyson happy while we got to know his parents. We even had one of our favorite make up artists, Haley Blaine (, meet us at the park to glam out Paige!

Filming their #lovestory at the place where they first met added something extra to their wedding film. From the perspective of a story teller, it was special to watch Paige and Kyle playing kickball with their son in the same place they met.

Aside from their #lovestory, the thing I found particularly inspiring about their relationship is how they communicate. They shared with us about how they regularly talk about their future together, financial planning, and what they wanted out of life. They are on the same page and function as a one team working towards common goals. These are things we've tried to emulate in our own relationships.

Hands down, our favorite moment of their wedding was their first look. Words or even pictures wouldn't do their first look justice; however, I think you can FEEL it when you watch their wedding film.

Paige and Kyle's reaction to their wedding film was priceless. They've made watching their wedding film a monthly tradition. Now they get to share it with the new addition to their family, Marlena!

If you have time you should watch this post they made on their Instagram story last month. It is adorable!! Make sure you watch until the end.


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