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Alaskan Destination Wedding

All weddings are special, but there is always a little added excitement for us when we are booked for a destination wedding. I think part of it is because we LOVE to travel. Getting booked for destination weddings is also very flattering. When Cody and Brecken asked us to travel hundreds of miles because they admired our cinematic style and story telling, we felt validated that all the hard work we are putting in behind the scenes is coming across in our films.

Ismael and I love the outdoors. Hiking, sports, fishing, you name it. In fact, spending time outdoors and capturing nature's beauty is what originally lead us to becoming videographers. We have always heard people talk about how beautiful Alaska is, and boy, it did not disappoint!! If you watch Cody and Brecken’s destination wedding film, I think Cody does a great job describing the Alaska’s majesty. It is the cinematographers paradise. I actually don’t think it’s possible to take a bad picture in Alaska.

We always try hard to minimize travel expenses for our couples when traveling for a destination wedding. You could describe the Air BnB we stayed in as simple! You should definitely watch our instagram story from the trip so you can see what it was like only having to do wall sits to take a shower! Haha. We looked at it like a good warm up exercise in the mornings to get our blood going.

Brecken and Cody’s parents are unbelievably nice people. They were so including and made us feel like we were part of the family from the moment we arrived. Sometimes with destination weddings we feel rushed to capture as much as we can in a short time, but Brecken and Cody’s wedding was different. They asked us to spend extra time with them in their hometown of Wasilla gave us a chance to really learn about their love story and film with intention. I think you can feel this when you watch their wedding film.

Watch Brecken and Cody's full wedding film:


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