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Cheers to Growing Old Together

There is a lot to learn from Kimberly and Josh. Just by being around them for a few minutes you can see they are truly soulmates. Not only do they have a great relationship, but they are also both sincerely kind and caring people. The cherry on top of it all was their plan to have a brunch wedding.

As I am sure you already know, when it comes to cinematography, lighting is everything. When Kim and Josh told us they were having a brunch wedding, my mind started running and the prospect of a sunrise first look had us drooling! When planning we coordinated with the photographer, Ashley Stone, to make this happen. The sunrise footage with the desert mountains in the background was well worth waking up at 4:00 am!

When we saw Josh dancing with Kimberly, it was easy imagine how he'd swept her off her feet on their first date! One of my favorite parts of their entire wedding came at the end of their reception. Josh and Kim made plans for an after party at a local bar where everyone went to continue the celebration. At the bar there was a live band who dedicated "Fishin' in the Dark" to Josh and Kim. It was sooooo cute, we just had to make them a little extra edit for them to share on their Instagram page. Check it out below:

We love to make these little edits special for instagram because they are so much fun to share with friends and family. When we edit something for Instagram, we usually make it in the 4:5 aspect ratio. This means it takes up more of the screen and is edited specifically to be watched on a phone.

Spending the weekend with these two was a blast! You can watch their film below:


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